Substance Abuse Assessment and Driver Restoration in Illinois

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Substance Abuse Assessment is one of the most important documents presented in an attempt to restore your driving rights in Illinois. It is important to show that your alcohol problem is under control and is likely to remain so in the future.

You will schedule an appointment with a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist to assess your substance abuse status.

It must be someone who regularly treats people with alcoholism and drug addiction. The evaluator fills out a form called an evaluation form for a substance use disorder. This form will be sent to the Secretary of State for review at a reinstatement hearing of your Illinois driver’s license. You will provide most of the information that is filled out in an evaluation form for a substance use disorder. Therefore, it is very important to be as accurate as possible with an evaluator of substance abuse. This will allow the evaluator to accurately fill out the form.

You must provide criminal record information, including all alcohol and drug offenses. It provides information to the evaluator about the extent of their problem.

You will be asked to provide information about your treatment history. This is important information because it tells the substance abuse specialist if you had the opportunity to treat your condition and if the treatment was successful, read more at

A substance abuse evaluator will also receive information about the history of his life support group. This is usually information about your visit to Alcoholics Anonymous. The evaluator will want to find out in what period of time one visited AA, the frequency and availability of the sponsor.

The appraiser will receive information about any relapse. The time during which you abstained and previous relapses are important for your diagnosis.


The evaluator will also ask you to perform written tests to help you determine the appropriate diagnosis. A 10-panel drug test will also be conducted. A negative drug test helps confirm that you are abstaining.

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