Mercer County Bail Bonds: What Are Bail Bonds?

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Sometimes, people get arrested even if they are innocent. Court trials are very long, and it can take years to prove your innocence. Bails are the only way to get outside the jail and live a regular life. To get bail, the defendant has to pay a sum of money. The amount required to get bail depends on the charges and gravity of the case. It also depends on the judge and jury to decide whether the defendant should get bail or not. In most scenarios, the person facing trials doesn’t have the financial resources to get the bail. Bail bonds are the most practical way to get bail if the defendant cannot pay the money himself. In mercer county bail bonds are easy to get through various bail bondsmen providing their services.

What are bail bonds?

When the defendant cannot pay the money on his own, his close relations, like friends and family members, can contact bail bondsmen, who can lend them the bail amount as a loan. They will pay the whole bail amount. In return, they usually take up to ten percent interest on the loan amount. The bail bondsman usually works as an agent and represents the agent they are working for at the time. Bail bonds are illegal in most countries except America and the Philippines.

In case the person does not pay the sum of money or tries to escape from the country, the bondsman can exercise specific methods like hiring a bounty hunter who can catch the person and get the money. He can also sell the security and recover the amount lent.

Bail bonds don’t mean that defendant will be free again. The charges imposed upon the defendant are still valid. By bail, you only get the freedom of living in your home. Showing up on the trial dates is necessary. If a defendant fails to present himself on trial, the bail granted can be taken back. Moreover, a fine can be charged. On bail, the defendant has to follow specific rules like staying in the same city, contacting only a few people, etc.

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