How can you prevent a Facebook hackear?

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These days you will come across many people who complain of their Facebook account being hacked. Well, this article will brief you about some more details about the same. Firstly, you need to know who is a hackear facebook?He or she is a person that breaks into another person’s Facebook account through some devious means.

How will you detect a Facebook hacker on your account?

Hackear facebook will try breaking into someone’s account and then you will notice the following activities which will include:

Issues with the Facebook password: so, when you are having some problems with your Facebook password, you need to know that this can be due to a hacker who got into your account. You might not be able to log into your account because the hacker has fiddled with it.

Suspicious activities: another great sign by which you will know that your account is hacked if you see any suspicious activity on it. You might not be doing any of it and that is exactly where the doubt arises.

hackear facebook

How would you make your Facebook account hack proof?

Firstly, you have to make sure your password is strong enough. Having your own Facebook account is amazing but at times many people tend to lose their account due to these hacking problems. So, you should log out of other random devices and make sure only you log into your facebook account from your safe and secure devices only. In this way, there is less threat of your account being hacked.

Make sure you do not click on any spam links on Facebook: there are millions of people who are making use of this famous social networking site – Facebook. But there are some precautions you ought to take in order to avoid your account from being hacked. Never click on any spam links when browsing through the home page on Facebook. This can be another way through which a hacker can easily get access to your account and even misuse it.

Also, you should log out of any unfamiliar active sessions on facebook: there are many people who would not mind login in their account from another device. Well, if its an emergency then that can be done but this can also be quite dangerous. So make sure as soon as you are done with your work, you log out of your account and clear the history as well. Also, never save passwords on unknown devices.

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