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For decades you must have heard the saying, “Nothing is free in this world”. It is true though, everything you might use or need requires a price, except for oxygen of course. From water to food, utilities, clothes, everything has its own rate, and you’d be surprised how much the rates vary from place to place. In this world that requires only money, the entertainment industry has seeped in high amounts of that cash, all from your pockets.

The Hollywood industry alone grosses $10 billion dollars annually, whereas you’re in debt to your student loans. Actors earn in millions for every project they sign, and big brands like Disney and Fox entertainment could soon take over the world if they keep on going in the current rate. Money is precious, and so is entertainment, and everyone has to pay quite an amount to get their fair share of entertainment every day.


The entertainment industry in its whole is a giant industry that was worth $1.72 trillion globally. By 2020 it is expected to be raised at $2.4 trillion. In case you’re wondering, how can it cost so much, think about the money you yourself spend on entertainment every year. A single movie ticket cost nothing less than $8.97 according to a survey report, and there’s a movie at your nearest theatre every weekend. If you like binge-watching Netflix shows Netflix subscription now costs about $12 from 2019, every month. Millions of people use Netflix and other forms of entertainment and to be clear, none of them is particularly cheap.



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