What Is Car Detailing And How It Helps The Vehicle?

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The need to maintain your car or vehicle is very important to have clean and safe riding experience. So many people wash their car, SUV or truck from time to time in a car wash to maintain the exterior beauty. But just washing a car isn’t enough. A car detailing or detailed car wash is not the same as a general quick wash of the exterior. To maintain a clean and fresh atmosphere inside the vehicle, a detailed car wash from time to time can be helpful. In general, there are two types of detailing involved in any automobile namely interior detailing and exterior detailing.

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What are the different procedures in detailing?

An exterior car detailing usually involves vacuuming, cleaning and fixing the outer surface of the vehicle to surpass the existing condition before detailing. The cleaning and restoring process includes the wheels, windows and other visible components. Waxing and polishing the exterior is also a part of the process.

An interior detailing includes a basic vacuuming of the interior with all kinds of in-cabin cleaning. Various different techniques are used to clean the different materials present inside the cabin. Steam cleaning and brushing are a few methods used to clean parts of the leather that has accumulated dirt and stains over the years. Perfume is also used in the car to give it a good scent after cleaning.

How much does detailing a car cost?

A car detailing can cost as low as $50 for a few times if done on your own. But in general, when visiting a detailing expert to work on the car’s appearance, it can cost an average of $50 to $100 for a medium sized car. It can cost a little over $100 in case of an SUV. These are the normal prices for getting your car cleaned. A complete package for getting the car dusted inside out can cost a little more but can be done once in a while to get the best interior and exterior looks for your vehicle.

Need for car detailing

One basic aim of car detailing is to increase the life span of the car’s parts. Devoid of dirt and accumulated contaminations, the vehicle can provide a more healthy riding experience. A good shiny looking car also promotes the driver to use it more so detailing from time to time is good. With good appearance and condition, the overall resale value of the car is also more.

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