Ten tips to keep your car like new

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Keeping the car in good condition will help you to travel with greater security besides allowing you to drive the car for much longer and someday sell it. We offer a series of tips to keep the car in good condition. Click here for gmc dealer.

Oil inspection is important

It is recommended to change it every five thousand, eight thousand and ten thousand kilometers depending on different factors such as the model and use. It is also recommended to check the oil levels regularly since the lack thereof can cause friction between metals and cause engine damageVisit this site for gmc dealer.

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Be careful about tire inspection

Maintaining the proper air pressure when calibrating the tires is key, it depends on the type of car, tires, and wheels you have. It is also essential to check them to make sure they are not worn, with holes or other irregularities. It is advisable to inspect them by a specialist at least once a year.

Alignment and balancing are also vitally important

The balancing is necessary to avoid vibrations on the steering wheel when driving fast and the alignment is essential so that there is a precise direction and even wear of the tread, it is recommended to do it every ten thousand kilometers.

It is essential to check the brakes

The condition of the discs, the pads, and the pedal should be checked and checked by a mechanic at least once a month to avoid accidents. In addition, performing a periodic inspection of the brake fluid will allow a good performance while walking and greater safety when driving.

If the battery is several years old, it is advisable to check it every three months. It is necessary to prevent the battery from drying out due to the lack of liquid since it can affect the operation of the system and reduce its useful life. It is recommended to add battery fluid or distilled water to avoid this problem.

To make your car look like new it is advisable to wash it at least every 2 weeks, in this way the brightness of the paint will last longer and the mechanical parts will have a longer useful life. Also, wash the interior of the car and thus keep the cushion in good condition, this recommendation works very well if you plan to sell the car and get a good price because good maintenance of the interior of the vehicle is one of the things that at first glance check a possible buyer.

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