Cleaning of New Construction

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you are about to move to a new house, looking for new construction cleaning before moving you should think about house cleaning . Not only because it is much easier to clean in depth without the clutter of furniture and furnishings, but also for hygiene reasons green commercial cleaning in Cincinnati.

A new or newly renovated house is important to eliminate all residues of the materials used and to completely sanitize the spaces.

If you have to clean a newly built house, the remnants of the materials must first be removed and taken away for disposal.

Roughing and finishing for construction sites with machine washing of surfaces, with removal of stains from efflorescence from concrete, with keracol and Wurt products , cleaning windows, shutters, shutters and railings, bathrooms and coverings, glass and velux.

How to clean a newly built new house

The correct method is to collect the larger pieces and stack them all in one pile in an area of ​​the house near the exit door.

The next step is to eliminate the smaller remains, rubble and dust .

Depending on the type of renovation that has been done, it may be necessary to remove the remains of encrusted building materials. Generally this operation can be performed with tools useful for scraping, such as scrapers and abrasive sponges, or with detergents capable of removing encrustations.

It is very important to choose the right tools and detergents to avoid damaging the surfaces. For example, on wooden floors and some types of ceramics you should never use abrasive tools, while other types of tiles are not prone to scratches or abrasion.

For this type of cleaning it might be a good idea to rely on a cleaning company.

Why rely on our cleaning company

To post construction cleaning means an intervention thorough cleaning which includes a wide range of operations to promote the restoration of environments all’incuria left. Or of those who have received building renovations. Or even new apartments to be made ready for immediate use and habitability.

In the construction field it is an activity of great importance, the aim of which is therefore to eliminate the most stubborn dirt and deliver a clean and tidy environment to the customer.

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