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Looking in the mirror one visualises a certain pretentious body where the stomach or the thigh part has less fat. Many aspire to have lesser cheeks and better jawline and no matter how much they exercise the fat in certain areas never dissipate. It is indeed extremely unpleasant; but what if a simple laser therapy for few minutes can transform your dream into reality. Strawberry lasers have proved its productive capabilities on innumerable clients who are extremely satisfied with the results on their body.

Strawberry Lasers

How does it operate?

This laser therapy uses paddles, potent diodes and wraps for treatment. In the words of many clients, all a person has to do is lie down and relax for 10-12 minutes and the process incomplete. A person loses about 2 inches depending on the body part in an average session. The device is highly powerful and as such, clients must have healthy bodies.

  • Cold red laser therapy: Prior to the treatment, the fat cells are in complete rest as such cold lasers are harmlessly passed through the skin into these fat cells. This creates or forms pores on the surface and the fat spills out of the cells.
  • Liquefied fat released: Glycerol, fatty acids and water are eradicated or expelled from the body within 24 hours.
  • The procedure is painless and the machine successfully removes great amounts of fat from the desired area in less time. About eight- 10 sessions are recommended.
  • The process is safe as surrounding tissues remain unaffected after the treatment.

How will you know?

This is a very common query that arises in the mind of the patients or clients; that if it is in areas of stomach, buttocks or thighs; how do we actually know about the fat loss. In most clinics and medical establishments, photos and measurements are taken of the treated area before and after the treatment. It is actually tough to make out for the patient the amount of deduction that has taken place. Therefore, one can track the changes. Moreover, the treatment done is permanent if continued exercise and a healthy diet are maintained even after the treatment.

Strawberry laser therapy is a non-invasive and non-surgical method and as such, if you also are keen to lose body fat, you know the treatment. Websites are available if one wants to know the prices like; where a person can look for an appointment or further queries.

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