World of Tanks: Tips For AMX-13-90 Wargaming Equipment

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The World Of Tanks at is popular today. From the name itself, it sounded a wargaming play, devoted to tanks and the things they can destroy. The game comes with a unique storyline more than just a shooting game. There are lots of things to consider in this game of war especially the tanks you would drive in. You need to know which tank to use and on how it works on tactical. Also, you need to consider the features of each equipment on surges of explosive action. If you find the game engaging, here’s the best tank to drive on your firsts and get you hooked.

Choosing Your Tank

The key to becoming a pro gamer on this world of tanks is to find the best tank for you. If you are new to this game, you better start with the lighter tanks and easier to maneuver. Thus, pick the AMX 13 90, this tank could be your bets vibe on the war zone. It lets control the features with the hassle and it is much lighter than on the rest. This tank is also superb in open zones which is great for starters. It also has an armor cover so you won’t get shot right in front of you. Getting hooked already on this tank? Here’s the guide on how you play it safe and effective:

Figure Out When to Spawn

In the game of world of tanks, you need to have all the relevant information. That is, understanding the map as well as the tank’s unique features. As with the amx 13 90, shooting would be easier especially if you are in the right place at the right time. The situation would let you think about what to do and the techniques you should apply. This tank is fast and it has a higher view range when added with coated optics or binocular telescopes. If you are driving with this tank, you could be the spotter for the team to inform others. Thus, your team could figure out when to spawn right in time.

t-10 in WoT

Make Your Shootings Exact

The amx 13 90 tank is small and could speed up which is why it is best to use when sneaking in enemies. It is also flexible that you could adjust the gun to be more accurate on your shots. With the exact aiming time and speed at which the reticule decreases in size, you could get your target down. You can be that accurate as your equipment gets smaller since no one would notice you right away. So if you are the eye of your team, you better pick this tank for a better view, could it be an open map or uphill. With this tank, you could make an accurate shooting while speeding up. But, the best game results from planning your next moves.

Think of Your Next Moves

Armed with the right tank and other equipment, you could always get your target down in a war zone. But, planning ahead is also the best way to shoot enemies around you. This way, you could be more accurate from A to B points. Even if you are in the middle of a field, think of your most effective plan. Note that in this game, the average battle time is at most 7 minutes so, plan ahead and make your time worthwhile. This is a war of patient, so calm a little and think of the best winning moves.

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