How to choose a water pump

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Whatever the type of pump, its function is simple: put the water in motion to move it from point A to point B. Point A can be a river, a basement or a well and point B, a garden or swimming pool, a sewage outlet or a dwelling.

For this movement to occur, water can be sucked by the pump itself if it is submersible, or through a suction hose, if the pump is surface. The pumped water is discharged through an evacuation hose.

Each pump consists of a motor equipped with a rotor that drives one or more turbines, necessary for aspiration and evacuation.

The power, pressure, and flow rate are related to the need required pumping.

According to these same criteria and according to the pump, the motorization can be electric (single-phase or three-phase) or thermal (2 or 4-stroke motor).

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Essential characteristics of water pumps


The flow rate indicates the amount of water that can be evacuated in a given time, expressed in liters per minute (l / min) or cubic meters per hour (m 3 / h), corresponding to 6 m 3 / h at 100 l / min.


The pressure vacuum pump singapore is expressed in bars (B) and measures the force at which the water is pumped, however, keep in mind that the flow and pressure are related: at the same amount of flow, a small section hose has more pressure than a large suction hose. The pressure can also be indicated in meters of water column (MCA) , in which case 10 MCA equals 1 B.

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