How long can a resin floor last?

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The resin floor has significant pluses: it has a high mechanical resistance, it is ideal for high-traffic surfaces and a material that does not allow itself to be scratched even by the action of chemical agents that could ruin any flooring. The positive characteristics related to resin floors are numerous and the decalogue certainly does not end there. Once these notions have been learned, people in the process of renovating their homes ask themselves the fateful question: how long can a resin floor last? Is this the best choice for my home net of costs / benefits?

So let’s see why choosing resin is a solution to consider when selecting flooring for your home concrete floor repair.

A resin floor is in itself a product destined to last over time: resistance is its peculiar characteristic , even in the case of high-traffic surfaces such as in the case of a room, a shop or an office.

It is clear that, like all flooring, it can be subject to wear over time: it is suggested that you choose to use an ad hoc treatment or a certain finish for the type of environment in which the floor is laid. An example is the waterproofing treatment , ideal for surfaces that are placed in the bathroom or outdoors. The types of treatment are different: in addition to waterproofing, it is possible to apply stain-resistant sealants or hardening solutions . To restore the beauty of a floor and regenerate it, complex maintenance is not necessary: ​​the reference professional can use a transparent protective product to restore its original appearance.

The quality of the materials is always an important factor that determines the duration of a flooring, as well as the installation techniques: all these factors are closely linked to the choice of the professional who follows the work. Experience, quality of materials and attention are fundamental elements that can make the difference for your project-.

Finally, let’s not forget the small daily precautions : for the ordinary maintenance of a resin floor you will have to promptly clean the stains where they occur. The resin floor has no joints and is therefore extremely easy to clean and in general it is a less demanding process than a parquet or marble.

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