Grand theft auto – tips for beginners

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The grand theft auto is an online video game which is involves endless and high level of challenges for the players. Especially while moving over higher levels, the players cannot find time even to breath. They may have various dangerous tasks to overcome. Since the game is full of interesting challenges, the beginners may have various troubles in handling the game. Here are some of the basic tips which can help them to enhance the chances of winning the game to a greater extent.

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Never skip tutorial

Today the players are not patient enough to watch the tutorials. They tend to skip the tutorial and precede the game directly. It is to be noted that this is not the right approach. The players should spare some time for watching the tutorial. Especially the beginners should not skip the tutorial at any extent. Through the tutorial they can learn about the mission in better. This will assist them to play the game on their own.

Know the map

The player should not ignore the map. Especially the beginners should concentrate on the map to a greater extent. Before starting the game, they must familiarize the map. This will help them to choose the right path for their mission. Obviously they can stay out of dangers by knowing about the map in better.

Side missions

Before playing the main story mission, the player can complete the side missions. Even though they will not yield huge for the game, they will help in knowing the personalities involved in the game. Thus, the players can learn about the risks, characters, their features and other related aspects. By knowing about these factors, they can play the main mission easily without initiating more effort. Overall it can be said that the side missions will help in making 100% out of main game.


The game involves three characters. And hence the players can switch the characters. But it is to be noted that in order to switch the characters, they must learn about each and every characters. The abilities of the characters should be carefully noted. This will let the player to switch over to the right character in order to complete a mission. And the player should also be aware of the right timing to switch the character.

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